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The history of La Couronne

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The history of La Couronne

It all started in 1345...

Where we find mentioned, on parchment, the trace of the rents paid by Raoul Leprévost, the then Master of La Couronne: 2 sols for the "Pitancière" of the Priory of Saint-Lô ( 14 and 15 th centuries) and 60 sols for the Community of the Daughters of God ( 1345-1610).

In 1431, Raoul Baudry, a Tavernier profession, was able to see, through the windows of La Couronne, the torture of Jeanne d’Arc.

The centuries have passed... Yes, the oldest inn in France, stamped 1345, saw Jeanne d’Arc, but also Pierre Corneille, whose family home was a stone's throw away.

In those centuries, La Couronne was called Inn and it is said that the lawyer Thouret, the man who would invent the French departments, frequented it on the very eve of the Revolution.

1854. American billionaire Cornélus Vanderbilt stops in Rouen with his North Star steam yacht....

« We were all anxious to find our way to the place de la Pucelle, where Joan of Arc was burned in 1341. Here, turning from the spot, we found a house regarded as one of the oldest avern : La Couronne... ! »

L'Auberge de la Couronne had become l'Hôtel de la Couronne, before it became simply La Couronne. La Couronne wanted to be gourmet in the heart of Rouen, next to Les Halles and it knew the fame... since Curnonsky, Prince of Gastronomes, frequented it, while the famous Dorin, whose trout remained famous, sat for several years at La Couronne and contributed to Rouen's gastronomic reputation.

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